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Quotes and Stories from Local


Stagehands and Projectionists Union
Huntsville Alabama , U.S.A.

We have been working out of the Von Braun Center in Huntsville Alabama for a Long Time. In fact, it's been a very long long long time. In that time we have heard some very funny stuff. Here is a sampling of our Quotes and Stories . . .

Que callers first que to the spot operators - "Put the High-Beam on My Main Man"


The roadcases are coming off the truck quickly so one of our crew "Gary" is standing at the stagedoor calling out the locations the cases should go by reading the Tape Labels as they go in. Most of the cases are labeled "MSR" so Gary is calling out "Mid Stage Right" for all the cases. Another of our crew becomes concerned that all the cases are going to the same place and figures out what the problem is. She goes to Gary and says, "You do realize that the Artist that's playing tonight is Mannheim SteamRoller".


In the early 90's I was working at a club and they had a fog machine but were too cheap to buy any more fog juice, so the empty fog juice container sat under the shelf with the record albums in it. One day the weekend DJ noticed that the container had some more juice in it and was thrilled to hook it up to get some much needed fog for his Saturday night show. The machine was properly heated and he hit the button to send the fog onto the crowded dance floor, but it only sent steam like it had water in it. Then there was the horrible stench as he realized that another DJ had used the container to Pee into. The smell was so bad that everyone left the club.


Plenty more to come, just haven't written them down yet . . .

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